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The Utter Devastation of Pornography

The enemy is actively trying to destroy your teen.

In John 10:10, we see this truth clearly described. Usually, when I read or talk about John 10:10, I like to focus on the abundant life part and my guess is that you do as well. And there is nothing wrong with that. But, in doing that it is easy to not pay attention to the other part of that verse in which is says "the thief's (the enemy's) purpose is to steal and kill and destroy." And the enemy is actively trying to carry out his purpose on your teen.

One way the enemy is trying to destroy your teen is through porn. Why is the enemy using porn in his devious plan to destroy your teen?

Because the enemy knows the utter devastation pornography causes.

The enemy knows the power that porn has to distort the beautiful gift of sex that God has given to us as humans and the power that porn has to destroy the individual.

5 Ways Porn Devastates

  • It Creates False Expectations: Real women and men do not look like the actors in porn. Often the actors themselves do not look like the image that is on the screen or page. Also, it creates a false expectation of what sex is and what people are willing to do or should do sexually. Lastly, it tells women what they should and shouldn't look like to be sexually attractive to men.

  • It Devastates Love: Love is not what is shown in porn. It is sold as love, but in reality, it is the farthest thing for love. And due to what porn does to the brain, it can make it difficult for a man to have sex with his spouse. If a guy is addicted to porn it can be difficult to have an erection. The brain has been tricked to only find these fake images as attractive.

  • It Devastates Families: Looking at porn is cheating on your spouse. According to Jesus, it is adultery. Yes, these are strong words, but there is no point in sugar coating it. God knows the devastation that porn can have on the trust in marriage and He knows the power of porn to connect us to an image.

  • It Causes Violence: Not everyone who looks at porn will be violent. But, research is showing that consuming porn is linked to an increase in violent tendencies.

  • It is Devastatingly Addictive: According to research, porn is as addictive as drugs. In fact, it re-wires the brain to want more and more. Not only that, it causes the brain to need harder and harder porn. The enemy knows that once a person is hooked on porn it is very difficult for them to stop and knows that when they are hooked on porn their view of God's gift will be completely distorted.

3 Ways You Can Help

  • Filter: Filter, filter, filter your internet and the devices that your teen uses. There are so many devices and apps out there to help. But, even more than that, you need to be a filter. What I mean by that is you need to look through your teen's device on a regular basis. There is so much junk out there and your teen needs you to protect them in this way. Even if they don't like it at the time, they will come to appreciate it at a later time.

  • Talk: Your teen needs you to talk with them about porn and the devastation it causes. Again, your teen won't want to talk about it, but they need you to. Just like my son needs to eat his broccoli even though he doesn't like it.

  • Stop Yourself: I debated on whether or not to include this part, but I feel as though it is needed. The reality is that our kids listen to our actions more than our words. And if you are looking at porn, it is likely that your teen knows this and will follow your example more than your words. Now, this doesn't mean that you if you have struggled with porn in the past you can't talk with your teen about not looking at porn. In fact, your past struggles will allow you to really show the devastation that porn causes. If you currently struggle with porn get help. Your teen needs you to.

Thankfully, that is not how the story has to end. Our God is a God of restoration. God is in the business of making all things new.

The story of my past includes a pornography addiction. Praise the Lord, that my story didn't end there. If it was up to me and my strength, my story would have ended there. Stuck in the utter devastation of porn. But, one night the Lord freed me because He is in the business of making ALL things news.

And the same thing is offered for your teen. My hope and prayer is that your teen will never look at porn. However, if they do, I am confident that with your help, the utter devastation will be turned into a beautiful story of restoration.

The key to this beautiful story of restoration is you, the parent, taking the brave step of confronting the issue of porn in your family. Are you ready? If not, pray for strength and boldness.


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