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Too Much Information

The world is filled with over eight billion people with dreams, goals, ideas and plans as different as their fingerprints. Fifty years ago that vast image didn’t have a huge impact on us. Today’s media and screen driven society has created an immensely different vantage point. We have become inundated with images of what life is supposed to be like - on an unprecedented level. It’s no wonder children and teens feel overwhelmed by the cultural noise. All the information flooding their souls creates confusion. TMI (too much information) has never been more real. How can we help them?

There are the obvious needs that help anchor our kids: expressed love, assurance of our presence, planned experiences that allow skills and self confidence to develop, and our modeling of integrity and generosity to name a few. Parenting is truly a full time job. We can feel like we’re never on top of it all. Here’s some easy tips to help empower you as you navigate parenting in this TMI world. It’s a matter of creating opportunities for focus. Let me explain.

Recently, I watched an Instagram reel that provided this inspiration: Don’t focus too much on the topic of “What do you want to be?” That’s a sea of possibility - and too much pressure and focus in that lane can feel overwhelming. Instead, focus most of the attention on this question: WHO do you want to be in life? This is a character emphasizing question and provides so much opportunity for conversation and growth. This shift in focus helps guide a child's attention away from the blurring sea of choices, toward their personhood and ability. It’s a much easier path to navigate.

Another helpful question to develop character and confidence:

What’s something you’ve done recently that you are really proud of? This allows a parent the opportunity to navigate their child’s personal strengths and point out skills and abilities that will bend toward future career possibilities.

These questions can be woven into casual life moments. They create wonderful opportunities to point out a child’s potential and natural strengths, giving us, as parents, a chance to invest wisdom and express encouragement. Home is a wonderful place to create a haven of hope and encouragement. Focus on hope. Focus on character. Focus on the gold inside your child, point it out to them. Your focus will help them see life more clearly.

Sandy Ohlman

Allendale Director


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