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First step into Gratitude

This is going to date me - but I can’t resist the illustration. When my kids were young, Veggie Tales ruled. Ya, that was back in the VHS days. One of my favorite episodes was titled: Madame Blueberry, released in 1998. The movie musical presented the “never enough” life of Madame Blueberry who exemplified our consumer-driven society well. She accumulated more and more stuff from her favorite store: Stuff-mart. Yet, she was never content no matter how much she purchased. There was still something more, something newer and better out there.

Within this animated drama are songs conveying the conflict and wisdom available for Madame Blueberry’s life. One of my favorites in that playlist is “The Thankfulness Song”. It’s a powerful reminder of how simple it is to find happiness. It’s quite ironic that our country considers the pursuit of happiness to be the goal. Wisdom would suggest the discovery of happiness to be a higher aim. In all honesty, happiness is an inside job. It begins by quieting our souls and counting our blessings. The first step into gratitude is a step deeper into heavenly happiness - joy.

As the Thanksgiving season unrolls before us, create a Thanksgiving moment for your family around the table.

  1. Prepare small slips of paper and a pen and bowl on your kitchen counter.

  2. Ask each family member to write one detail of life that they are grateful for.

  3. Place those thankful thoughts in the bowl.

  4. Around the table - share the thoughts and stop to ponder them.

  5. Ask everyone to notice how they feel when they have communicated gratitude and pondered it.

  6. Ask for descriptive words that convey what gratitude does in their soul.

  7. Holding hands - give thanks to God for each of these gifts and each one at the table.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Positive Options!

Sandy Ohlman

Allendale Center Director

Healthy conversations with your teen:

As a parent, you know the importance of having healthy and meaningful conversations with your teen. You know that healthy and meaningful conversations with your teen are vital to their emotional, physical, social and spiritual health.


The PROBLEM is knowing how to have those healthy and meaningful conversations is difficult and at times seems impossible. There are a lot of reasons to why you don't feel qualified or able to have these conversations. Maybe you struggle with knowing what is going on in your teen's life. Maybe you struggle with keeping up with technology. Maybe you weren't the best teen and now don't feel qualified to talk with your teen about making healthy choices.


We exist to guide you along this journey and to encourage you. From a biblical basis and our experience, we will give you tools and encouragement to have healthy and meaningful conversations with your teen.

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