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Love Is... (Discuss This: Episode 2)

Love has been misconstrued by our society.

Love is thought of primarily as a feeling.

While this seems good, there are many pitfalls to this view.

The Bible offers a different and life-giving view of love. Join Mike Van Drie as he explores these differences.

After you watch this with your teen, discuss it with them with the questions provided at the end of the video.


Full Transcript:

What is love?

We are bombarded with messages about what love is. It's difficult to know the truth about love.

Some say love is a warm, fuzzy feeling. Some say love is a hot, passionate feeling, like a burning fire. But is that all there is to love? That seems shallow. That seems like something that won't last. Deep down, we crave something more from love.

The Bible gives us a different view of love. 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter, describes love as patient, kind, something that never gives up, something that is hopeful.

These are actions.

These are choices. True love is a verb.

Love is a Verb.

True love is not something that we fall into or out of, love is a choice we make every single day. This true love is what we all desire. True love is a deep and satisfying well. Something that will last. Something worth fighting for.


Mike has worked with teens and parents for 14+ years. Mike has been married to Natalie for over 10 years. They love living near downtown Holland. Mike prides himself on being left-handed and even has a left-handed clock in his office that confuses the majority of those who glance at it!


Healthy conversations with your teen:

As a parent, you know the importance of having healthy and meaningful conversations with your teen. You know that healthy and meaningful conversations with your teen are vital to their emotional, physical, social and spiritual health.


The PROBLEM is knowing how to have those healthy and meaningful conversations is difficult and at times seems impossible. There are a lot of reasons to why you don't feel qualified or able to have these conversations. Maybe you struggle with knowing what is going on in your teen's life. Maybe you struggle with keeping up with technology. Maybe you weren't the best teen and now don't feel qualified to talk with your teen about making healthy choices.


We exist to guide you along this journey and to encourage you. From a biblical basis and our experience, we will give you tools and encouragement to have healthy and meaningful conversations with your teen.

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