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Top 9 Social Media Sites/Apps for Teens

As a POT (parent of a teen) it is VITAL that you know what apps your teen is using. Below, are the top 9 social media/networking sites/apps that teens use.


  • Messaging App

  • Can capture a picture or brief video

  • Can add a doodle or filter over top

  • The message will self-destruct after seconds of a person viewing it



  • Photo-sharing application

  • Users can share pictures and videos either publicly or privately


  • An app where users can broadcast short (140) character messages


  • A social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests

  • This is done by pinning (posting) images or videos to their own or other's boards

  • Users can also browse what others have pinned


  • Part micro-blogging tool

  • Part social community


  • Similar to text messaging services

  • However, it uses the internet instead of the phone company

TikToK formerly

  • A social media platform for creating, sharing, and discovering short music videos


Source: Statista


Healthy conversations with your teen:

As a parent, you know the importance of having healthy and meaningful conversations with your teen. You know that healthy and meaningful conversations with your teen are vital to their emotional, physical, social and spiritual health.


The PROBLEM is knowing how to have those healthy and meaningful conversations is difficult and at times seems impossible. There are a lot of reasons to why you don't feel qualified or able to have these conversations. Maybe you struggle with knowing what is going on in your teen's life. Maybe you struggle with keeping up with technology. Maybe you weren't the best teen and now don't feel qualified to talk with your teen about making healthy choices.


We exist to guide you along this journey and to encourage you. From a biblical basis and our experience, we will give you tools and encouragement to have healthy and meaningful conversations with your teen.

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