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Netflix and Chill

When grown-ups hear the phrase "Netflix and Chill" most of the time they think of watching a show on Netflix and relaxing. When teenagers hear the phrase it is code for having sex. As in "my parents aren't going to be home tonight, we should Netflix and chill tonight."

While this may be a shock to you, this phrase has been around for a while and there are newer terms that teen use as code for sex. Below are 10 phrases that teens use as code for sex.

  1. Jeepin = sex in a vehicle

  2. Doing Laundry = having sex

  3. Making Cookies = having sex

  4. Scooping = touching a girl under her clothes

  5. Candy = having sex (ie. want some candy)

  6. Getting Georgia = oral sex

  7. Bobblehead = a girl who performs oral sex on a boy

  8. Chicken Party = a party a where a girl performs oral sex on boys

  9. Givin' Up the Gold = a girl givin' up her virginity

  10. Pron = porn

If you see these while reviewing your teens text messages (which you should do on a regular basis) you will know what they are. My advice would be not to freak out on them, rather have a calm discussion about what is going on in your teen's life.

Mike has worked with teens and parents for 14+ years. Mike has been married to Natalie for over 10 years. They love living near downtown Holland. Mike prides himself on being left-handed and even has a left-handed clock in his office that confuses the majority of those who glance at it!

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